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The Most Trusted Real Time GNSS Positioning Service in Sri Lanka!

CORSnetTM, is the first Continuous Observation Reference Station (CORS) Network implemented in Sri Lanka for Real Time Correction (RTK) broadcasting for GNSS Surveying Instruments. CORSnet, originally implemented and deployed by Suleco (Pvt) Ltd , is now being operated and managed by CORSnet (Pvt) Ltd augmenting its services to various stakeholders.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) supports generating the geographic location of a user's receiver anywhere in the world. CORSnet fully utilizes such location data obtained from GNSS systems such as GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS & GALLILEO.

Our high accuracy CORS stations located around the island observe these raw satellite data 24x7 hours and transmit the same into Central Control Server for VRS generation, Users and Data Management and Corrections Broadcasting.

With our service, we guarantee accuracy up to 2.5mm+0.5ppm (in Static Mode), accuracy up to 15mm+1ppm (in RTK mode).

RTK Corrections broadcasting consists of data signal streams of RTCM 2.x,/3.x, CMR, CMR+, sCMRx, RTD, NMEA. We also provide RINEX data for post processing.

Affordable pricing, qualified and friendly technical support and reliable prompt service are together in a holistic sense to record high satisfactory performance. We also keep our highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability together with our business sustainability and corporate governance policies.

Meet the Team

Our unique, multi-skilled team is our biggest strength.

From the early days of the CORSnet, deployment was fully handled and managed by local experts consisting, Engineers and Surveyors and many field experts graduated from reputed local universities. CORSnet senior management has more than 35 years of combined industry expertise, with contributions to various Spatial Industry initiatives.

Rajitha Jayasinghe

Director (Eng.)

Chaminda Bandara Senaviratne

Director (Surveyor)

Nishara Jayasinghe

Nishara Jayasinghe

General Manager (Surveyor)

Jayani Nadunika

Jayani Nadunika

Sales & Support (Surveyor)

Pasindu Hettiarachchi

Pasindu Hettiarachchi

Design Engineer (Eng.)

Thakshala Witharanage

Thakshala Witharanage

Sales Coordinator


We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

CORSnetTM, the Most Trusted RTK network in Sri Lanka is the first of its kind started in 2014. It is now the largest RTK network in Sri Lanka covering the whole Island. Established and managed by professionals of the industry, CORSnet is now being used by many sectors such as Surveying, Construction, GIS, Drone Operations, Agri machinery, and many more. Clients with Ntrip enabled devices can receive cm level accuracy in Real-Time from any location in Sri Lanka.

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