Q. What is CORSNET?

CORSnet is the first commercial GNSS based Virtual Reference Network established to broadcast RTK corrections & RINEX data for post processing covering Western Province of Sri Lanka. CORSnet was initially built as a single Reference Station and now it comprises with 3 Reference Stations providing more accurate corrections and expanded coverage.

Q. Who can use it?

Anyone with a network ready (GPRS enabled) GPS receiver. All connections are available through the internet via NTRIP and TCP/IP protocols.

Q. In which areas I can use your service?

A complete list of covered areas is available at Coverage Page.

Q. Where can I get connection information?

Assuming you have received your activation information you can find connection information for your particular rover on our Dashboard. If you do not have an account with us, please subscribe.

Q. How long do you keep Detailed Log Files?

Log files will be available for 90 days after completion.

Q. How do I gain access to CORSNET?

Gaining access to CORSnet has two simple steps.

  • Register at CORSnet.
  • Check your email inbox and click the emailed link by CORSnet to activate your account.
  • Log in and navigate to Request Service section in Dashboard.
  • Fill the Request Connection Form

After submitting the connection form, you will be contacted by our representative. This can take up to 24 hours.

Q. Why should I Register at CORSNET?

You need to register in order to gain access to CORSnet. Also, registering allows you to monitor and manage all your requests and the information about your ongoing projects such as the time duration.

Q. Can I gain access without registering?

You can't. You need to register first in order to gain access.

Q. I submitted a service request. But no one contacted me?

This process takes up to 24 hours normally. If you were not contacted by our representative after 24 hours, please recheck your profile and make sure that your email address is correct. This is the address which we use to communicate with you.