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Post Processing

We provide post processing services for your Static Observation campaigns. You just have to upload your raw data files in Rinex 3.02 or higher format with the relevant antenna and receiver details. As per your requirements we provide the adjusted coordinates and other reports in both local and WGS84 coordinates systems.

Rinex Data

CORSnet archives data for all its CORS stations around the country in the Receiver Independent Exchange (RINEX) format. We currently collect GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO observational and navigational data from all its CORS stations. These stations can take 24 hrs to upload the latest RINEX data to the server. So you can check the data availability and send request to download the data from the server. The data are recorded at 10 second intervals and supplied as RINEX Format 3.02 files under 24-hour duration.

CORSnetTM, the Most Trusted RTK network in Sri Lanka is the first of its kind started in 2014. It is now the largest RTK network in Sri Lanka covering the whole Island. Established and managed by professionals of the industry, CORSnet is now being used by many sectors such as Surveying, Construction, GIS, Drone Operations, Agri machinery, and many more. Clients with Ntrip enabled devices can receive cm level accuracy in Real-Time from any location in Sri Lanka.

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